Restaurant Owners: Are You Tired of Looking At a Room Full of Empty Tables And Staff Standing Around With Nothing To Do?

"First ebook of this kind of quality available on the web! Jose Riesco managed to write a marketing book with a wide range of related  topics which can be used by both the beginning restaurateur and the seasoned marketer. This ebook is a must to read for every restaurant owner in order to excel their business."
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Jose, I found your book on Restaurant Marketing Strategies to be a comprehensive, easy-to-understand compilation of fundamental restaurant marketing tactics and strategies.  I am both a business marketing graduate and a restaurant owner myself, and I found your approach to be right on target.  I strongly recommend this book for the restaurant owner that wishes to establish themselves above the pack to build a loyal group of customers.
Scott Megit
GuestEngine Inc.
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  • You will save much, much more than several times the price of the book in your current marketing expenses by cutting down marketing that doesn't work. I will tell you exactly what marketing you should eliminate, which one to keep, and suggest you new marketing that will cost you nothing to implement.
  • You only need to bring ONE OR TWO additional customers to your restaurant to pay off for the book. I will tell you how to bring hundreds more.
  • You only need to bring back ONCE OR TWICE your best clients to pay off for the book. I will teach you techniques to bring back your best clients over and over without incurring in extra marketing expenses.
  • You only need to get some goods or services for free. I will teach you techniques to leverage your restaurant to do so.
  • You only need to avoid one bad review in the online review sites (one bad review equals several potential customers lost). I will teach you techniques to avoid that.
  • And much, much more.

As you can see, there is zero risk for you.
This is probably the best money that you can invest in your business. But again, don't take my word for it. Look at the testimonials of many satisfied restaurateurs who bough my book, but even better, try for yourself. If you are not 100% delighted, just ask me for your money and I will gladly refund it to you. No questions asked, no hassle.

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Happy marketing,

Jose L Riesco
You can buy the printed book for just $27.95 directly from these merchants by clicking on the names below.
Restaurant Marketing Strategies has tons of content that can be implemented instantly and I know that it will help operators to gain timely and important perspective, build and grow their restaurant business and get more out of the journey itself.

This is a “must have” hands-on book
with an engaging presentation style… an effective, tried and true, “how to” book, great for restaurant owners, operators, managers and staff.  Whether you’re new to the business or an experienced veteran, this book covers ALL the critical bases, is clearly organized and for this alone the book is a great investment.  
Jeff Darling,
Founder, Meta Flavor - “Deliciously Smart Search”
Guides and Tools
I just wanted to write and let you know howhelpful your book was.  You have covered everything from basic common sense items to great ideas!  

David M. Sanford
Applied Hospitality, Inc.
Remember! If you prefer the the printed version, you can buy it directly from these merchants by clicking on the names below.
"Jose! I must tell you that your ideas on restaurant marketing are wonderful, and you know why? Because I have tested them. I think everything you have suggested I  have tried and it worked.

I leave in west of Ireland in a little town (10.000) and it makes a big difference to see my old customers became my regulars... and the best of all, they are so supportive! Please keep up the good work!

Eszter Studnicka
Castlebar, County Mayo (IRELAND)
I've been practicing the mindset well explained in your book and found that my business relationship with clients start
giving results.

Thank You Jose! If you by chance are planning a vacation to Costa Rica please be my guest.

Giovanni Capolino
Hotel El Portico Costa Rica